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Dr Levi Morse recently participated as a faculty member at 2 LIMA Cadaver Courses (Brisbane and Sydney), teaching other surgeons across Australia the intricacies of performing a reverse shoulder arthroplasty and how to deal with complex glenoids.

LIMA Webinar Session

Dr Levi Morse was recently invited as faculty to participate in a teaching session for other Orthopaedic Surgeons. Other faculty members included Dr Malhas from Reading UK, and Dr Jens Agneskirchner from Hannover, Germany.

The session was titled “It’s a matter of balancing: Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty and Soft Tissue”.

For those interested the session can be accessed here:

AOA Fellowship Accreditation

Dr Levi Morse was recently successful in receiving Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) accreditation for an Upper Limb Fellowship in Townsville. In partnership with the Orthopaedic Research Institute of Queenland (ORIQL), Dr Levi Morse is chief supervisor for the Fellowship.

A fellowship allows Orthopaedic Surgeons from Australia and elsewhere who have recently completed their training to receive additional sub-specialty experience working with Dr Morse.

Further information on the fellowship is available in the ‘FELLOWSHIP’ section of our website.

Visitation to US Sports Surgeons

Dr Morse was recently invited to visit San Diego and Sacramento, California, to undertake an intensive visitation with two prominent Orthopaedic Sports Surgeons. He was fortunate to be able to assist the surgeons with numerous shoulder and knee arthroscopic procedures, and perform those procedures in cadaveric labs, learning valuable techniques to assist his practice in Townsville.

Dr Morse with Dr Hirahara in Sacramento, California.


Dr Morse in theatre with Dr David in San Diego, California.


Dr Morse perfecting his skills in the cadaver lab.

Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting

Presentation of Research Paper at Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting, Canberra” – October 2019

Dr Morse recently presented the preliminary results of a randomised controlled trial he is currently conducting through the Orthopaedic Research Institute of Queensland. This trial is examining the benefits of various forms of regional anaesthesia in shoulder arthroscopy.

“LIMA Stemless Shoulder Cadaver Course, Sydney” – March 2019

Dr Levi Morse was recently invited to convene as faculty at the LIMA Stemless Shoulder Course at the Macquarie University Laboratory, Sydney.

He presented to Orthopaedic Surgeons from  across Australia and New Zealand on his experience with the LIMA Stemless Shoulder System. He then demonstrated how to implant the prosthesis in the cadaver lab.

Presenting to the delegates.
In the Cadaver Lab.

“Orthopaedic Outreach to Lae, PNG.” – March 2019

Dr Morse recently volunteered with Orthopaedic Outreach, the humanitarian arm of the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA).

The front entrance of the Angau Memorial Hospital, Lae, PNG.

He spent a week in Lae, Papua New Guinea and worked with the local surgeons and staff to provide teaching, education and Orthopaedic services.

After a day in a very busy clinic, the remaining 4 days were spent operating. Dr Morse plans to continue visiting Lae with Orthopaedic Outreach six monthly.

In theatre.

SESA Conference, Perth, 2018

Dr Levi Morse recently attended the Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia (SESA) conference in Perth.
He presented a paper on his experience with Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI) techniques for shoulder surgery, and was also honoured to be accepted as a full member of the association.



Dr Morse also conducted a ‘meet the expert’ session for LIMA Orthopaedics, educating other surgeons on his experiences with Shoulder Arthroplasty techniques.



Opening of Premises

Morse Orthopaedics Opening Event held recently to celebrate moving into the new premises at 1/52 Fulham Road, Pimlico

Dr Morse is a Specialist Orthopaedic practitioner based in Townsville and consulting in Ayr.